Many people consume dishes or bread made up of Ragi. Which is also known as nachani, is a cereal widely grown in the African and Asian continents. The consumption of Ragi has increased drastically.  Many people eating chappathi made from Ragi, it is a highly nutritional elements and it useful to making different dishes for tasty and healthy food.  

As a mother, the biggest struggle is to prepare a healthy nutritional food for our kids. Ragi is an important cereal rich in nutrition and the benefits of ragi especially to kids is manifold. That contain essential factor for babies or kids.

Health Benefits Of Eating Ragi Regularly

Fights Anaemea 

Ragi contain rich in iron and fiber that helps to produce haemoglobin in the body.  It reduces the deficiency of blood and  is a better result for daily diet.  Vitamin C is thought to assist the absorption of iron. Once ragi is allowed to sprout, the vitamin C levels increase and cause any absorption of iron into the bloodstream.

Helps In Weight Loss

The natural fat content in ragi is lower than all other cereals, also this fat is in its unsaturated form.  It promotes the digestion and prevents stomach-related problems.

Good For Skin

Ragi contains anti-oxidants which help to fight infections and bring the glow to the skin. It makes the skin flexible and soft. being rich in vitamin B6 that helps to prevent healthy skin formation and skin disease.

Gluten Free

A pregnant women can also consume ragi,  it is the one of the Gluten-free food. 

Excellent Baby Food

In south India, ragi is consumed widely, babies from the age of one month are fed with ragi kanji that it helps in digestion.  Presently, processed ragi powder is available on shop and that it make well reputed ragi powder manufacturing companies in India. 

Helps In Control Diabetes 

 Consumption of ragi helps to reduce the risk of diabetes with the presents of high content of fiber and polyphenol. Ragi based meals  control the diabetes than other cereal.  Ragi have a lower glycaemic response that ability to increase the level of blood sugar.